The universal debate is whether or not vaping can help you stop smoking. Is there a clear and defined answer? No. Researchers can twist results according to their views. Everyone else has their opinions. So what do you do? Decide for yourself if vaping can work for you. 

How do you use a vape to help you stop smoking?

First, select a vape that produces the right amount of vape for your needs. If the vape produces good vapor it will help you enjoy the vaping experience. 

Secondly, find e-liquid flavors that you will enjoy, which typically is the fun part of vaping since there are hundreds of different flavors to select from. 

Third, select the nicotine level that you will be most confortable at. Some people have a tendency of selecting a high nicotine level because they feel that they smoke a lot. But, it’s not at all necessary. We have found that most people can start at a 6 mg per ml bottle. 

Once you have found the best vape, e-liquid and a comfortable nicotine level then begin vaping. Once you are used to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, time varies for different people. It can be several weeks to several months. Your next goal would be to lower your nicotine level when you purchase your next e-liquid. What you will discover is that you will begin to enjoy the flavors more than the aweful taste of the nicotine. 

Can you begin to see how you can begin to ween yourself off of the nicotine? Then the choice is yours. You can continue to smoke cigarettes or begin to use something that can lead you to a better path.. a cigarette free path. The end result can end up being that you stop smoking.