Yes, It’s true… Many vapors use very little nicotine. Sales figures will constantly show that most vape users purchase 6mg per ml per bottle or below more than the 12mg per ml per bottle. Plus, almost every e-liquid brand makes a 0 nicotine liquid. Why? Because they want to meet the demand of the consumer. If there was no demand they wouldn’t be made. There are even some companies that make just 0 nicotine e-liquids. 

isn’t this good news? Of course, it is. Vapes provide a way for people to start at a nicotine level that is comfortable for them and then gradually lower their nicotine levels. But what helps them gradually drop their nicotine levels? Great taste and higher vapor devices.

Great Taste and More Vapors



The taste of the vapor is effected by nicotine levels. As users experience vaping and find flavors they enjoy they realize that higher nicotine levels effect the taste of the vapor. Yes, it tastes worse. So they lower the nicotine level of their favorite flavors. Secondly, many vape users upgrade the vapes to produce more vapor. This increase in vapor inhalation helps the user to lessen the use of actual cigarettes.

So if you’re looking to control the amount of nicotine that you consume on any given day. Then maybe you should consider using a vaporizer.